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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm 18 years old, can I get certified and actually work behind a bar?
A: Yes, in the state of NJ, and many states, you have to be 18 years old to bartend, even though it is 21+ to drink.


Q: Do I really need to take a bartending course?
A: Yes, most bar owners will not hire you without training or experience. They want to know their employees are trained and can get right to work.


Q: Are there any additional or hidden fees?
A: No, you pay a one time fee, which includes your 20 hour mixology course, TIPS training and certification, all manuals, certification, lifetime refresher courses, and lifetime job placement assistance.


Q: Do you use real Liquor?
A: No, we do not.  We use real bottles with food colored liquid.  We primarily focus on the pour counts, ingredients, and glassware.


Q: How long is the course, and how often are they taught?
A: The mixology course is 20 hours total.  It can be taken during the week over 5 days or 5 nights, or 2 consecutive Saturdays.  TIPS training and certification is 5 hour course offered once a month.  Please see our upcoming schedule on our home page, or our register page for next available course dates.

Q: Why should I take a 16 hour course instead of a 40 hour course?
A: Because your time is valuable!  There is nothing additional you will learn during a 40 hour course elsewhere that you will not learn here over 20 hours.  We educate and train on all of the same criteria, just over a shorter period of time.  You will get plenty of repetition once you are working behind a bar, especially since you will be completed here 24 hours sooner!


Q: What if there is a day I cannot make it, can I make that class up?
A: Yes, we can be flexible and accommodate all students.  We understand people's schedules change.


Q: Can I attend future classes to practice months down the road?
A: Yes, we offer all of our students free lifetime refresher courses.  You are buying a lifetime membership to our organization.


Q: How soon can I get a bartending job after certification?  
A: That depends on each student and their job preference. Our job placement assistance begins after you are certified.  Remember, we do NOT guarantee a job for anyone, that would be illegal and impractical to advertise that.  However, we do our best to prepare you for your interviews and the real world of bartending! 

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